Building a New Home or Extending / Renovating your Home?

  • Whether you are building a new home or extending your present house many people are not qualified to judge the quality of the workmanship involved or the suitability of the building materials used in construction.
  • Home construction is full of traps for the unwary, inexperienced or unqualified. Too often, building faults or workmanship and inferior materials are only discovered too late in the building process or, even worse, after you have already taken possession of your home. When building problems are discovered too late they are either extremely expensive or nearly impossible to rectify or the builder is reluctant to rectify defects.
  • Your home is probably the most major investment of your life – don’t make a major mistake.  One answer is to use a qualified Building Consultant/Project Manager who can oversee the construction of your home to make sure that everything constructed in compliance with the Australian Standards, Building Code of Australia and your own contract specification. Barry Jones is a Registered Builder, Building Consultant and Project Manager.
  • Barry will inspect the house during construction and reassure you that your builder or subcontractors are using quality materials in a proper and workmanlike manner. When your home is almost complete Barry will undertake a further inspection and prepare a list of defects that need to be rectified by the builder before you accept handover and make final payment.
  • We suggest that your home or extension be inspected during construction at least twice; at roof framing stage, when the structure and construction can be checked and at practical completion (handover) when the finishes can be checked.
  • Should you have any problems with your building design, construction or contract, Barry can provide independent professional advice before you sign the building contract or should a dispute develop with your builder or subcontractors.



Contract Documents Check and Advice

Before signing your Building Contract, Barry will check your specification, addenda and drawings, to confirm the design and construction of your home or extension are appropriate and comply with Australian Standards and Building Code of Australia requirements.  Prevent building disputes.

House Advice and New Design

If you are having a new home or extension designed by an architect, designer or builder, Barry will provide essential design advice to increase market value and appeal of your house and improve furnishability, functionality and ambiance.

House Construction Inspection Report

If you are having a home or extension built, Barry will report on whether the builder or sub-contractors are adhering to sound acceptable construction methods, Building Code of Australia, Australian Standards and contractual particulars.  Also, the quality and acceptability of work undertaken.

Practical Completion Inspection Report

If your new home or extension is nearly completed, Barry will prepare a comprehensive list of all defects to be rectified by the builder.  Also, Barry will advise you whether the home should be accepted and final monies paid to the builder, prior to agreeing to practical completion.  Reports compiled for legal/Building Registration Board action.

Building Defects Inspection Report

If you own an established home or are having a home or extension built, Barry will inspect, analyse and report on individual defects or problems you are experiencing during or after construction.

Building Dispute Advice and Resolution

If you are in a dispute with your builder or sub-contractor over quality, quantity or cost, Barry will analyse your contractual obligations, advise and report on all aspects in dispute.  Mediation undertaken.  Reports compiled for legal action and arbitration.

6 Year Builder’s Liability Inspection Report

If your house is nearly 6 years old, Barry will prepare a list of defects that should be rectified by the builder prior to expiration of the Builders Liability Period.

Oral Advice

If you have problems or concerns with the building process, a building contract, design or construction alternatives, building problems or disputes etc.  Barry will advise you as necessary.  Advice can be in our Office or on site.



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