Buying an Established Home or Property?

  • Purchasing a home can be a major headache with all the aspects that need to be taken into account. A house pre-purchase inspection by Barry will give you confidence and reassurance in your purchase and prevent you from purchasing a house with either structural and/or superficial defects of an extent that you were not aware and cannot afford to rectify. Barry provides professional and independent advice on aspects such as structural integrity, defective construction and environmental factors.
  • A property inspection can offer confidence that serious and expensive problems will not arise after settlement. Making the offer and acceptance subject to a satisfactory Building Inspection Report gives you an opportunity to reconsider the contract should the report raise more problems than you anticipated or can afford to rectify.
  • Such situations as sagging roofs, corroding flashings and faulty wiring and plumbing are exposed and aspects such as structural integrity, rotten/defective floors, defective roof framing as well as superficial aspects are evaluated. Hidden problems such as rising damp are exposed through the use of specialised instruments. By letting you know the extent of defects and appropriate rectification you will purchase the house with full knowledge and understanding of its true condition and value.
  • An environmental analysis looks at such issues as passive solar aspects, the direction of the sun in winter and the effect of cooling winds on living spaces in the house. All this information is made easily understandable through a diagram of the environmental aspects superimposed on a plan of the house.
  • Barry has obtained professional qualifications in Architecture, Development and Building and is probably the most experienced person to provide professional advice due to his expertise in both building construction and design coupled with years of experience in the construction industry will give you sound advice on the property and provide you with a total understanding of all aspects of the property's condition. Barry looks at the entire property - not just the house and provides sound advice in a comprehensive typewritten, easy to follow report.
  • ArchiCentre Building Advisory Service is committed to quality assured procedures and our Pre-purchase Inspection Reports and advice are in compliance with the Australian Standard, AS4349.1 - 1995, Inspection of Buildings.



House Pre-Purchase
Inspection Report

Before you purchase an established home Barry will inspect and report on visual major and minor defects in and around the house and gardens, including an environmental check. Up to 300 aspects inspected and assessed.
Make an ArchiCentre Building Advisory Service pre-purchase inspection report to your satisfaction a condition of your offer.

Oral Advice

If you have specific problems or concerns with the property you are considering purchasing, we will advise you as necessary.



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The report is prepared from and based on a visual inspection of such parts of the land and premises to which the Inspector shall have reasonable and safe access, without moving or the removal of anything.

The inspection and report does not cover defects in inaccessible places such as more than 3.0m above the floor or ground, latent defects or defects due to abnormal weather, soil conditions or from abnormal uses or abuses of the premises or which are not reasonably discoverable upon a visual Inspection, in good natural daylight.

Internal and external structure surfaces covered by furniture, loose or applied covering, cladding, soil, plants and the like and inaccessible places, have not been inspected.  Such surfaces and spaces should be exposed for a subsequent inspection.

The report does not cover inspection of wood work or other parts of the structure which are covered, unexposed or inaccessible and, therefore, is unable to report that any such part of the structure is free from defect.

ArchiCentre Building Advisory Service warrants to the Applicant that it used reasonable care in carrying out the inspection and preparing the report.  ArchiCentre Building Advisory Service, its servants and agents shall not be liable to the Applicant for damages in respect to the inspection and/or report or for any breach of a term of the Contract to carry out the inspection and prepare the report except to the extent of the cost rectification of any defect which should reasonably have been discovered upon inspection in compliance with these Conditions.  The liability of ArchiCentre Building Advisory Service in this regard shall  not  exceed a total  sum of $1,000.00 in respect of all such defects.

The inspection and report does not deal with the presence of asbestos or any other harmful material in or on the land and premises.

ArchiCentre Building Advisory Service, its agents and servants do not profess to have expertise in pest infestation.  We strongly recommend a specialist pest investigation.

The report may not cover defects of a minor nature, such as hairline cracks, jamming doors, windows or catches and similar minor defects.

The inspection and report does not cover working condition of equipment, fittings and fixtures.

The report does not cover enquiries of the Council or other Statutory Authorities.

Inspections, advice and reporting of House Pre-Purchase Inspection Reports comply with requirements of Australian Standard AS 4349.1 - 1995, Inspection of Buildings, unless varied herein.

The report has been prepared solely for the use of the Applicant and no duty of care shall arise or responsibility accepted in the event of any other person relying upon the report or any part of it.

Should any or all of the Conditions of Inspection, Service and Report not be acceptable to the Applicant, then such advice must be notified to ArchiCentre Building Advisory Service in writing within 3 days of the date of this report, otherwise the Applicant hereby accepts all Limitations and Conditions herein.